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  • There are a few reasons why this might be happening:
    • Your availability may not be set correctly. Your availability doesn’t just communicate when your available it is also used by the platform when pulling the list of advisors a student can schedule with. Be sure to read the How to set up availability link in the Using the Platform section above if you need help.
    • Your are not the students advisor. Most locations in Navigate are set up to only allow students to schedule appointment with their assigned advisor if you are not list as an advisor then the student wont be able to schedule with you.
    • Too many no-shows. Some locations are set to prevent students from scheduling an appointment if there are too many no shows within a certain period of time.
  • Why isn’t my calendar syncing?
    • Calendars will only sync Busy or Tentative times from your professional calendar. Any calendar appointment that is marked as ‘Free’ or ‘Private’ will not sync over.
  • Why are students able to schedule at times other than the half/top of the hour?
    • Navigate tries to make sure as many students can schedule within your set availability. If you have availability from 8am – 4pm and you have an appointment from 8:00 – 8:50 Navigate will allow a student to schedule at 8:50 in order to maximize how many students you can meet with.

Appointments allow students to schedule meetings on their own by either using Navigate Student, or by logging into Navigate.

Campaigns allow you to push out an email to your students that contains a unique URL allowing them to schedule their appointments. The campaign is most often used for shorter periods of time, such as during registration advising.

If you set availability for campaigns and not appointments, the only way students can schedule an appointment with you in Navigate is if you create and send the campaign email.

This depends on the length of time you wish to be available to your students for appointments. Selecting a date range gives you more control over your calendar and availability. Selecting “Forever” is generally not recommended because your availability may change from semester to semester. In this case, it is best to simply update your availability at the start of each semester.


Most of our services at CSU within the “Assigned Major or Minor Advising” location require 48 hours notice. This setting is location-specific and may allow same day scheduling for other locations.

Both Notes and Appointment Summaries will show up on a student’s History tab in Navigate.

A note is not specific to an appointment. The note feature is often used to document an action or approval that was taken on behalf of a student. For example, you might want to document that a student received approval to substitute a different course for a requirement in the major. Additionally, you can choose to share the note with the student, which will be logged in his/her Navigate account.

Appointment summaries are specific to an advising appointment that took place. The summaries documents what college or program the appointment was for, the reason for the appointment, and other elements that might be useful to know about the appointment. This facilitates easy reporting functions in the system, where you can pull data on all of your appointments for specific colleges/programs and appointment reasons. Currently, there is no option to share an appointment summary with a student.

Yes, if you re-open the appointment summary, you can hit the ‘Edit’ button below and make the changes.

To add an Appointment Summary for a specific student, you should always go to your homepage in Navigate and click on Actions under Recent Appointments, then “Add Appointment Summary.” This will associate your appointment summary with the scheduled appointment. You will end up having duplicate appointments if you try to add the Appointment Summary directly from the student profile, rather than from your Staff Homepage in Navigate.


Visit page 27 in the Advising Technology User Guide.

Assignments in ARIESweb will show up in Navigate within 24 hours.

Calendar Syncing

Yes, as long as you have synced your calendar, it will not show up as an available time for your students to book an appointment.


When you send the campaign, students will automatically receive an email with a unique link to schedule their appointments. The dates they are able to sign up for will depend on the date range you selected when you set up your campaign.

For example, if you set your campaign to run from April 1-April 25, and you send it out on March 20, students could immediately start signing up for appointments, but the first available slot wouldn’t be until April 1.

Yes, you can create a campaign for group advising by setting the appointment slots to more than one student when creating the campaign. If you have more than one time slot available for group advising, please ensure your group appointment campaign is not overlapping with any other existing availability in the system. This could cause complications with students signing up for the wrong appointment slots. If you have questions about the best way to set up group advising campaigns, please contact our office.

Student Lists

Navigate displays data differently than ARIESweb and your number of advisees may display differently between the two platforms. Navigate has three variables on the home page (List Type, Term, and Relationship Type) that impacts the number of students in your caseload displayed. Make sure you specify these settings to obtain the current number of students in your caseload.

A shortcut in Navigate to give you an at-a-glance, actionable information about students who are assigned to you and an overview of ongoing or recent activity is to use the Dashboard. To find out more about this tool:

Other Advising Success Tools

If you experience any issues with student success tools, please submit a support request.

Central IT Helpdesk

The Help Desk assists with any number of IT and related inquiries. Examples:

  • Email
  • eID accounts
  • VoIP, phones, and voicemail
  • Wireless and wired networking
  • Cable TV
  • Security, SSL gateway, remote VPN client
  • Housing & Dining IT help
  • Antivirus/Malware help and removal
  • Canvas, iClickers, classroom technology
  • Software, Microsoft Office, Office Suite
  • Videoconferencing, Classroom video, Echo360
  • Server hosting, Web hosting, Database hosting, Cloud Storage, etc.
  • Single Sign On (Shibboleth)
  • FAMweb
  • Library special technologies including VR, 3D Printing, Poster Printing, more
  • Much, much more