How we gather

There are several meeting coordinated through University Advising and Outreach unit to ensure that members of the Advising Network are kept update about Student Success efforts and on-going community development.

Through this practices of gathering we aim to break down the silos in our community.


Advising Network Meetings

Expectations: Attendance required for Advising Professionals. Acceptable absence-Leave,Teaching, & Student Crisis. 

Purpose: Community of practice Ensure group cohesion of members across the Advising Network to drive execution of Student Success strategies. Collaborate engagement relationship quality important.

Format: Virtual or In-Person  Community of practice, generating recommendations for change positional level. Exchanging group knowledge such as workshops, and small group discussions.

Frequency: Three times a semester

Example: Student Experience Project

Town Halls

Expectations: Little to no participation expected

Purpose: To share updates and announcements that inspires (or prevents) action. 

Format: 1-hour virtual meetings. Led by Advising Central staff Unit. Community Check-in and Q & A 

Frequency:Scheduled for about every three weeks.

Example: Summer Town Halls 

Semester Kickoff

Expectations:Attendance required for Advising Professionals. Acceptable absence-Leave,Teaching, & Student Crisis. 

Purpose: Setting the charge for the members of the advising profession for Fall and Summer Academic terms.  Alignment of University priorities and professionals practice.  Secure commitment to implementing of the University Advising plan.

Format: Varies based on needs

Frequency: Academic Year twice a year.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Advising Student Success Plan
  • Big picture alignment


Expectations: Participants may be there by choice, or they may be required to attend training by their supervisor

Purpose: To exchange knowledge and skills. Relationship quality unimportant.These are pure transfers of information from one group to the next. The session involves the trainer telling participants what they believe they need to learn in the context of their Advising role.

Format: Training session formats vary widely. 3 days between the hours of 10-4p . Sessions align with Professional Advancement Model. 

Frequency: Fall and Spring semesters


  • new hire trainings
  • skill building workshops

Expectations: Participants volunteer based on interest.

Purpose: Individual staff ongoing development and technical training.

Format: 45 -60 minute sessions. Format varies by topic and group.These sessions are part social, part content, and the style is either relaxed or structured.

Frequency: Periodically throughout the semester.


  • Advising Brunch and learns
  • Navigate Office Hours
  • Department or Program Presentations