Fall 2023

September 13-14 | 10am - 4:30 pm

Offered each semester to promote the
ongoing development of the Advising Network

Expectations of Attendees
  • Active engagement from participants
  • Camera on (if able and willing)
  • Complete Survey-provide feedback for on-going program improvement.
  • Attendance to Advising Network Meeting is Required by all Advisors and Academic Success Coordinators (ASC)

Recording and Support Materials
  • Session recording will be shared at the end of Summit.
  • You can find a link to Recording and Support Materials for Trainings below
  • To request access to the Advising Network MS Teams, submit a support request

Training delivery
  • In-person and Virtual (MS Teams & Zoom)
  • Expectation of active engagement from participants: camera on (if able)
  • Sessions are connected to Advising Competencies

  • Is needed to support presenters and provide links to sessions.
  • Learners can select between sessions that meet their development needs.

Meeting Developmental Needs

To request access to the Advising Network MS Teams, submit a support request

Track 1

Target audience for Track 1 are staff less experienced in Advising at Colorado State University. The learning outcomes for a Track 1 session focuses on identifying campus resources and summarizes Advising at Colorado State University.

Track 1’s sessions are informational and provide factual knowledge campus process and systems. This information is deliver through lecture and mentoring formats

Track 2

Track 2 is targeted to more experienced and tenured professionals that have been academic advisors for three or more years.The learning outcome and delivery method is more personalized and reflective of their tenure and experience.

These sessions provide opportunities to reflect on internal processes and identify areas of improvement. 

Track 2 delivery method is through trainings with peers across the university

Note: “Tracks” are not the same as ASC/Advisor levels of Tiered Advancement.