Navigate is higher education’s leading student CRM (customer relations manager). It is based on a decade of research to improve recruitment, student success, and the student experience. It enables faculty and staff to communicate with students, view their information, run reports, and conduct outreach.

I. New Users

Within the first month of employment utilizing the Quick Start Guide staff are required to complete 
  1. Setting up availability
  2. Syncing Outlook Calendar

Guide provides the following information:
  • Setting up availability
  • Syncing your Outlook Calendar
  • Communicating with Students
  • Add Appointment
  • Summary Reports
  • Searching for Students
  • Documenting Meetings with Students
  • Scheduling
  • Appointments with Students
  • EAB Navigate Help Center

II. Next Level Users

Additional Self-Help Resources:

Strategic Plan

Request Support

  • Need Staff Training
  • Advice
  • Problem solving
  • Information
  • Have questions 
  • Need access