Code Meaning
Athletes Athletes
C4E Community for Excellence: Select Awards that CSU has an obligation to provide additional resources. 
Connect CSU Connect Eligible (2010-2013) – now a historical flag
Daniels Scholar Daniel’s Scholar: Partnership and part of C4E
DSF Denver Scholarship Foundation: Partnership and part of C4E
DSF Candidate DSF Candidate
Eng P/F ** Engineering Pass/Fail [some date]: students is participating in Engineering Pass/Fail and was approved on [some date]
FGA First Generation Award: part of C4E
Gates Gates Millennium Scholars, part of C4E
Global Village Global Village Community
Health and Exercise Science / Health and Exercise Science Learning Community
HES Learning Community
Honors Honors Students
Honors Track 2 Honors Track 2 Students: shouldn’t be any at first year orientation sessions because this is for continuing students who select into Honors later
International Student International Student
International Student – taken AE401 International Student – taken AE401: completed some ESL classes at CSU previously
INTO Academic English INTO Academic English: needs to register through INTO
INTO Pathways INTO Supplemental Orientation: students who have completed pathways and are now fully admitted to CSU
Key-LC Key Learning Community – students commuting or staying in residence halls besides Braiden
Key-CCS Key Culture, Communication, and Sport
Key Civic, Explore, Health Professions Not offered after 2021
Key-RLC Key Residential Learning Community
Key AC-CP Key Residential Learning Community – Engineering Cluster
NRS Learning Community Natural Resources and Sustainability Residential Learning Community
School of the Arts School of the Arts Learning Community
SRS Student admitted with Recommended Support – Admissions flagged based on academic history and/or responses within the holistic review
Summer Admit Summer Admit
TLC Transform Learning Community
Veteran Active Duty Veteran Active Duty
Veteran Dependent Veteran Dependent: not a veteran themselves, but receives financial aid
Veteran Reserves Veteran Reserves
Veteran Veteran Veteran Veteran