EAB Navigate Help and Support

CSU supports EAB Navigate with the few staff working on training and systems for EAB Navigate out of the Collaborative for Student Achievement partnering with staff in each college.

  • College Administrators will be able to answer most day-to-day questions and how we are using the system.
  • CSU Help Desk can pull up additional resources about using the system, including setting up calendaring.
  • Student Achievement staff can help with system bugs, new ways to use the system, note-sync, and connecting with the vendor (EAB)


More specifically, College Administrators:

  • College of Liberal Arts- Karli Hansen
  • College of Natural Sciences- Carlos Olivo-Delgado
  • College of Health and Human Sciences- Mark Barry
  • College of Engineering- Shannon Wagner
  • College of Business- Gang Yue
  • Student Athlete Support Services- Joylynn  Benefiel and Ryan Taylor
  • Community for Excellence- Lori Nitzel and Aaron Escobedo
  • Undeclared Advising- Sean Wernert and Latoya Noel
  • Collaborative for Student Achievement- Mary Cutler
  • Academic Advancement Center- Tim Kefalas
  • Key Communities- Amy Robertson
  • Fostering Success- Andrea Fortney

EAB Navigate Administrator Resources Information

CSU Help Desk:

Student Achievement:

  • Supervision: Latoya Noel and Sean Wernert
  • Advising Systems Training and Primary Support: Latoya Noel.   970-491-2639 will transfer to help desk number above, first level of support.  Latoya is at 970-491-4261.
  • Advising Systems Technical Support: Mike Brake, 970-491-7945