Exploratory Studies

Advisors and Services

• Exploratory Studies students are exploring majors at CSU or working on requirements to a major with entrance controls.  About 1/3 of CSU students spend time as Exploratory Studies (formerly Undeclared) as some point in their academic career.  A team of academic support coordinators can answer questions or help plan for success.

• “Explore and Decide by 45” guides major exploration programs and activities.

To read about majors and use exploring resources, visit http://exploratorystudies.colostate.edu.

Making Appointments

• Call the Collaborative for Student Achievement Welcome Center at (970)-491-7095 to schedule an appointment.

• Appointments are taken Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm during regular University operations.

Drop-in or Phone-in Hours

• Drop-in Advising support is regularly available Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm.

• Drop-in advising support is 10-15 minute discussions to answer quick questions. (Drop-in advising is not to be used in substitution for registration planning.)

Change of Major process

• Students may change to undeclared by using drop-in advising support (see hours above) or making an appointment if they need to discuss courses for registration.

• Academic Support Coordinators will discuss with students how to change their major once a student has requested to change their major.

Contact Information

Collaborative For Student Achievement
1415 Meridian Ave.
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1032
Phone: 970.491.7095 | Fax: 970.491.1133