Undergraduate Majors and Programs

Every student at CSU must be in a program of study.  Programs of study have a major that will appear on the degree, and many have concentrations as well.  Students can have multiple programs of study, and additionally can meet with other members of their support network including perhaps international programs, scholarship support, pre-professional advisors and athletics.  All the members of the support network have input that will help a student figure out their academic plan.

Programs of Study

Pre-Professional Programs of Study

There are no undergraduate majors specific to health professions or law – students can be in pretty much any major and continue their degree at the graduate and professional level.  CSU does have advising to help achieve entrance to schools for those seeking health professions or law.

Alternative Higher Ed Paths

Many if not most students choose to incorporate online credits in addition to their resident instruction credits to complete their degree.  Additionally, summer session courses are offered, and the GUEST program is available for students who are not normally admissible to CSU as a full-time undergraduate student.

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