Time to update math advise for new students

Greetings Advisors!

Time for my annual request for updates to math requirements for the majors you advise.  Please look over the attached file and let me know if you want any changes made.   If I do not hear back from you, I will assume nothing needs to be changed.  If you do make changes, please provide the exact text you wish to be displayed.

So what is this for? On the Math Placement Website there is a tool new incoming students can use to help determine if they need to take the MPE, (https://placement.math.colostate.edu/doineedthempe/index.html).  This file is included as part of the tool so students can see what you, as their advisor, recommend.   You are giving advise about

  • How important is it for the student to be registered for math in their first semester?  Hopefully this will encourage students to study and take the MPE prior to attend orientation.
  • What is the desirable math class(es) to be registered for the first semester? To help the student know which sections of the MPE to complete and if they should try to improve their placement.
  • Any information that you feel is critical for them to know.

Something to keep in mind, as you look over the advise provided for your students, is that the prerequisite for MATH 101 has been removed as of this spring.  So if MATH 101 (or STAT 100) is an acceptable course for a major, the student does not need to take the MPE. 

Thanks! Anita

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