FAQs about University Withdrawal

There may be many reasons to complete a University Withdrawal (withdraw from all of your classes) ranging from a medical condition, a personal or family crisis, to experiencing financial or academic difficulty. Advisors from the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA) are available to discuss your options and the withdrawal process. To schedule an appointment, phone (970) 491-7095.

The following information explains the University Withdrawal process at Colorado State University through frequently asked questions. It is your responsibility to complete the entire withdrawal process. Note that you may withdraw from one or more classes (but not all) by accessing the registration system on RAMweb through the published course withdrawal date. See "important dates" on the CSU Registrar's Office Web site.

1) What do I do if I decide not to attend BEFORE the semester begins?

Only, you can initiate the "cancellation" of your registration before the semester begins. Log on to RAMweb and drop all of your classes. (No penalty is assessed - tuition and fees are cancelled for classes dropped before the first day of the semester.) You are NOT automatically dropped from courses due to nonattendance.

2) How do I withdraw once classes have begun?

Students needing to leave the university for the semester and not complete any of their registered courses can complete a university withdrawal. Students must go to RAMweb and find "University Withdrawal" under "Records" in order to withdraw. Students may complete a university withdrawal through the last day of the regular semester (the Friday prior to finals week).

3) How will withdrawing affect my bill for tuition and fees?

Please visit the CSU Registrar's website for details on tuition assessment once the semester begins: CSU Registrar's Office Web site

4) How does a withdrawal affect my graduate student status?

If you are a graduate student withdrawing from the University, you need to consult your academic department regarding the readmission process. If you are receiving financial assistance (graduate assistantship, fellowship or other means of financial support), you must contact your department before you leave the university.

All continuing graduate students (students who are taking time off but are planning to complete their degree) are required to be continuously registered for $150 per semester or upon readmission will be assessed a $150 fee.  Registration for "continuous registration" (CR in the class schedule) is only possible during the regular registration period each semester.  For complete information, call (970) 491-6817.

5) How does a withdrawal affect my academic record?

All classes are removed from your record for the term of withdrawal. The official transcript will show that you withdrew on a specific date. If you are on academic probation at the time of withdrawal, the probation status will continue if/when you are readmitted to the University (refer to the Scholastic Standards policy in the current University General Catalog).

6) How does withdrawing affect my financial aid?

If you have financial aid, you must contact Office of Financial Aid in Centennial Hall to find out how withdrawing affects your current and future aid and repayment of loans.

7) After withdrawing can I still use the University facilities?

Hartshorn Health Center

Any student who has withdrawn from the University has the option of using the Hartshorn Health Center for up to one semester following withdrawal for an "adjusted   fee" based on specific use.

Student Health Insurance

If you have paid or already been billed for the student health insurance premium and you withdraw from the University during the course drop period, which is published in the fall/spring course schedules, you will no longer be eligible for student insurance. Your student account will be adjusted and your insurance will not be in effect.

Students may retain their student health insurance if an appeal for medical reasons is granted. Students withdrawing after this established course drop date may retain their health insurance. For complete information, call (970) 491-5118.

Student Recreation Center

Once a student withdraws from the University, they are no longer eligible to use the Student Recreation Center.

8) How do I check out of University Housing?

Residence Halls

If you live in a residence hall and withdraw from the University, you must officially check-out with the office manager or desk personnel in the hall where you live. You have 72 hours in which to complete the residence hall check-out process. The office manager or desk personnel will review the check-out procedures with you. For further information, call (970) 491-6511.

University Apartments

Students residing in University apartments who are withdrawing from the University must complete an "Intent to Vacate" form at their Village Office or at 208 Palmer Center. Residents are responsible for 60 days rent from the day the vacate notice is submitted.

9) How do I return to Colorado State University?

Once you cancel your registration or withdraw from the University, you are no longer considered an enrolled student. Should you want to re-enroll, access the Office of Admissions Web site for complete information regarding the application process for returning students.