Retroactive Withdrawal Policy

What if I want to withdraw retroactively?

You may request that all grades in an academic period (one or more semesters of continuous enrollment) be retroactively removed and replaced by “W” entries on your transcript. A retroactive withdrawal may be granted only if you have experienced circumstances, or an incident of such trauma and major proportions, that you could not have reasonably been expected to possess the normal capabilities necessary to complete the academic period satisfactorily or complete a University Withdrawal.

You must submit a written request for the retroactive withdrawal to the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA). Such requests are reviewed monthly during the academic year by the Committee on Scholastic Standards.


The completed application and supporting documentation MUST be turned into the Center for Advising and Student Achievement two weeks prior to the Committee meeting, which is normally held during the last week of the month. Documentation may include letters of support from physicians, counselors, and other professionals who can elaborate upon your reasons for requesting a retroactive withdrawal. In addition, you must meet with an advisor from CASA in order to be better prepared to submit an appeal.

Failure to academically perform due to factors such as the following would not generally qualify you for a retroactive withdrawal:

  • bad habits or poor judgment
  • time management issues
  • failed relationships/roommate problems
  • failure to use university resources
  • ignorance of University policies

A retroactive withdrawal is not allowed if you have earned a degree from Colorado State and the semester in question was used to meet University, college  or departmental requirements for the degree. Generally, requests are not allowed after four years have elapsed since the end of the last semester covered by your request.

A retroactive withdrawal does not affect classes taken through OnlinePlus. You may contact theme directly at: OnlinePlus, (970) 491-5288.


When a retroactive withdrawal is granted, ALL of your grades for the entire semester, or academic period, will be changed to a “W”.

If you are concerned about individual course grades, you must contact your individual instructor(s) or department(s) on your own and discuss what alternatives might be available.

You are allowed two requests for the same period; the second request requiring additional supportive documentation.

No costs associated with University enrollment, including tuition and fees, will be refunded.

Note: Please see the Colorado State University General Catalog for the complete policy.