Fresh Start Policy

Former CSU undergraduates may establish a new academic record by applying for an academic fresh start. You may be granted such a fresh start only once, and only if it's been five years—regardless of the number of credits you've taken—since the last term in which you were enrolled. Any time period after leaving the University in which you might have taken courses through GUEST, OnlinePlus, or the Colorado State summer session will not be counted as part of the five-year interval.

Your application must be made through the Center for Advising and Student Achievement and should be submitted one semester prior to the academic term in which you wish to re-enroll. Receipt of a fresh start does not guarantee admission, but it may help you in the normal admissions procedures.

If you are granted a fresh start—and readmitted—a demarcation on your permanent academic record will delineate the previous record from the new one. Credits for courses in which a grade of at least C- or S was awarded, prior to the fresh start, may be applied toward your graduation requirements under this policy. Only grades earned after the fresh start demarcation will be computed in the new GPA.

A student who has never been admitted to CSU is NOT ELIGIBLE for a Fresh Start

To apply, please contact the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA). They may be reached at (970) 491-7095.

Processing Steps

1) After filling out the application, your CASA advisor will give you a copy of the completed form (with ALL required signatures). One copy will be forwarded to the Registrar's Office and the original will be filed in the CASA fresh start folder pertaining to the semester for which you are applying.

2) About three weeks after the semester has begun, a CASA staff member will check to verify the status of your application. If your fresh start has been granted it will be reflected on ARIES and your application pulled and filed in the CASA “Fresh Start Granted” folder and a comment to that effect made in SAN.

If a fresh start is not reflected on ARIES, CASA's Administrative Assistant will call the Registrar's Office. (This may be due to the University not having received the student's application for admission. If this is the case, you will be directed to contact the Colorado State University Admissions Office.)

3) Once granted an academic fresh start, you will be enrolled with a beginning GPA of 0.0.