Appealing Academic Dismissal

The Appeal Process

Students in dismissal status have the privilege of appealing. An online appeal may be submitted to the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA) View for consideration by the Committee on Scholastic Standards. If an appeal is granted, students have one additional semester to bring their cumulative GPA to a 2.0.

Students must complete an appeal form explaining why their grades have fallen, what steps they have taken to improve academic performance, and a plan to return to good status. The appeal will be more credible if accompanied by supporting documentation from doctors, therapists, professors, advisors or residence hall assistants.  There is a deadline for dismissal appeals each semester.

Requesting a Personal Interview

A student whose dismissal appeal has been denied may make a written request for a personal interview before the Committee on Scholastic Standards. This request should be submitted only if they have new information to present to the Committee since presenting their dismissal appeal.  After the personal interview, the committee's decision will be communicated to the student by mail.

Registration Cancellation

Class registration for dismissed students will be canceled before the beginning of the next regular semester. Students who appeal and are granted one additional semester on probation will not have their registration canceled for the next semester.