Basics of Advising

Student and Advisor Responsibilities

Academic advising focuses on helping you shape as well as devise and implement a plan with which to advance and achieve your academic objectives. A year-to-year process, you will get the most out of advising by embracing your individual… (More)

Academic Advising and Support at CSU

Colorado State University offers a number of top-notch academic advising and support services whose collective mission is to assist you with developing and achieving… (More)

Glossary of Academic Terms

Don't know the difference between a Lecture Class and a Recitation? A Competitive Major from a Concentration? For your benefit, we have compiled a small academic glossary containing much of the vocabulary you will hear as you begin your academic… (More)

Tutoring Support at CSU

You may seek out tutoring for any number of reasons: being new to campus, striving to earn A's and B's, enrolled in a challenging course, falling behind with your assignments, or having difficulty understanding the course material are some… (More)

Textbook Information

You will discover a comprehensive selection of required textbooks and support materials, including art, engineering and academic supplies at the CSU Bookstore. For your convenience, here are the answers to many of the most frequently asked… (More)