Spring 2019 Credit Recovery Courses

Hello again everyone,

Attached are updated versions of the CRC course list and email to students. There was a correction to the day of week one of the ANTH 120 courses will be offered (one section will meet on Mondays and one will meet on Thursdays plus online requirements for both) and the location of ART 100 was changed. All other information about these courses remains the same as what was originally sent to you (copy of that email is below).

If you have any questions, please let me know. ~ Becky


Hello everyone,

I am writing to you let you know that CSU will be offering eleven Credit Recovery Courses later this spring (see attached listing). These are AUCC courses that begin mid-semester. As you know, the purpose behind offering these courses mid-semester is to provide course add/credit recovery options for students who may need to drop and add a course later in the semester. They are not meant as an alternate option for students who simply want to get through the All University Core Curriculum more quickly.

Although these courses will not be visible on the schedule until March 1st, we wanted to make you aware of them as the semester gets under way. Keep them in mind as you meet with students who may need to drop/add a course in the weeks ahead.

Quick Facts

  • All of these courses begin the week of March 25, 2019, and end by May 12, 2019.
  • These courses will remain hidden on the class schedule (to prevent them from filling) until Friday, March 1st, when registration for them opens to students.
  • The last day to add any of these courses without an override is Sunday, March 24, 2019.
  • From March 25 – April 1, 2019, students will need an instructor override to add any of these courses.

Additional information for ASCs/Advisors/Staff

·         Intentional discussions with each student is important in determining if these courses are a good fit sincethe courses meet for longer periods of time, move at a fairly quick pace, and will be as rigorous as regular 16 week courses. Please encourage students to consider what works best for them before adding one of these courses.

  • An earlier add deadline for these courses was put in place because course instructors will be incorporating important community, confidence and skill building activities into the first class meeting in order to help students be more successful in these courses.
  • Section capacity for these courses has also been intentionally set at a low maximum enrollment to enable course instructors to get to know their students individually, engage them in classroom conversations and small group work, and provide more individual attention than might be possible in sections with more students.
  • Last minute pleas for overrides into these courses are not always in the best interest of the student or possible to grant. Instructors are reluctant to grant overrides into these courses once the courses have gotten underway because the student may already find themselves behind in the course (even if they’ve only missed one day of class). Additionally, classroom space may limit an instructors ability to grant overrides.

If an instructor feels that overrides can be accommodated, it is a much more fair process for them to increase the capacity for their course and to allow the waitlist feature of the registration system to operate as it was intended, rather than having students bypass the waitlist by pleading with the instructor for an override. As such, we are asking you to support and encourage students to follow the protocol and process for adding themselves to the waitlist if a course is already full. This is different from the standard practice of encouraging students to actively seek an override.

We continue to monitor the demand and enrollment in these courses and we will continue to explore other options to help meet the demand for these type of courses in the future.

Attached is the list of Spring 2019 Credit Recovery Courses along with a few brief key points regarding possible financial implications of adding these courses. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid directly if you have further specific questions related to financial implications of adding these courses.

Students who drop below 15 credits after census will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office (email text is attached)beginning on March 1st to let them know that these courses are open for registration. This outreach assures that students are aware of the opportunity to complete 15 credits when they have dropped below this threshold, which as you know is needed to stay on track with a 4 year graduation timeline. The email is worded in a way that lets students know that this is an option rather than a directive.

Attached is also a “Tips to be successful in Credit Recovery Courses” sheet which will be sent to students who enroll in these courses prior to when the courses begin. This tip sheet offers suggestions (such as “study daily, as tests may occur more frequently”) and important reminders (such as “Attendance is critical! Missing one day of a Credit Recovery Course is like missing an entire week of a regular sixteen week course”), intended to help students enrolled in these course to be successful in them.  

Let me know if you have any questions.

~ Becky

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