Withdrawals and Appeals

This is not an official document; it is a brief summary of selected policies as of August 2018. Please use appropriate websites for current information, updates and more details.

Go to the  CSU Catalog: Academic Standards and Policies for full Scholastic Standard information.

On this page you’ll find:

  • Select Scholastic Standards information
  • Course drop and semester withdrawal information
  • Appeals (tuition, dismissal, and retroactive withdrawal appeals)
  • Fresh Start options
  • Grade repair options
  • UPDATES FOR FA19 – Powerpoint about Scholastic Standards from training – Scholastic standards & appeals 9.24.19

Select Scholastic Standards information

  • Scholastic Standards policy = In order to remain a CSU student, and graduate, students must maintain a CUM 2.0 GPA.
  • Failure to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 results in academic probation for a period of two regular semesters (fall and spring only, not summer) (*see new exception).
  • Through individual correspondence (letters, emails and texts), SA, as the administrative arm of the Committee on Scholastic Standards (CoSS), notifies students of their academic status, resources available, dismissal appeal process, and options available upon dismissal.
  • Upon dismissal, students may attempt to raise their GPA via Summer Session, CSU Online, GUEST courses or gain readmission by attending another accredited college and earning more than 12 semester credits (preferably 15) with a GPA of 2.5 or above, then reapplying. It’s best if a student discusses these options with his or her ASC/advisor or support person to determine what is most suitable for them (i.e. GUEST courses are limited and students often get in late, online courses maybe more difficult than students understand, etc.)

Course Drops and University Withdrawal

  • Students complete a University Withdrawal online via RAMweb to withdraw from all courses for the semester.
  • Students are assessed according to the timing of their departure, either after week one: 0%, week two: 25%, week three: 50% or week four: 100% of tuition and fees. See Registrar’s “Important Dates.”
  • There is a difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from the University. Students may change their schedule (drop courses) before census (the last day to add a course) with no financial/transcript ramifications.
  • After census (and until the course withdrawal date), transcripts will show a W for any drop and students must pay for the course. There are no individual course drops after that date, unless by “Registration Appeal” – see Registrar’s Office website (forms).
  • The last day to completely withdraw from the University (complete a University Withdrawal) is the last day of classes for the semester, although Student Achievement (SA) ASC’s can make exceptions during finals week for students with extenuating circumstances – students must meet with or phone in during walk-ins an ASC at SA to discuss.
  • Once a student is withdrawn, if he or she wants to return to CSU for the following semester, they need to either be registered for the next semester, reapply online via Admissions website- “Returning Student” application, or have applied for Planned Leave (on RAMweb) within dates allowed.
  • See Registrar’s website for more information.
  • Note correct language:  a student “withdraws” (verb) or completes a “University withdrawal” (noun).

Tuition Assessment Appeal

  • Submitted to and reviewed by SA with the approval of the Vice President/Student Affairs:
  • Students may appeal for a reassessment of tuition and fees for nonattendance or for an extreme and extenuating circumstance experienced during the semester in which they are withdrawing.
  • Students need to provide a written statement and official documentation.
  • Call SA with questions.

Academic Dismissal Appeals

  • Students who are on probation 2 (second semester) may submit an academic dismissal appeal for an additional semester of probation in which to raise their CUM GPA to a 2.0.
  • Appeals are submitted online and open for a full month, extending one week past when grades are posted.
  • Dismissal appeals are reviewed at the end of each semester by the faculty Scholastic Standards Committee, and students are notified of the results online, via emails and texts sent by SA. Students may also call for results.
  • Students must submit an online appeal, including any supportive documentation, and a well-researched plan of action for their additional semester on probation. Faculty take these seriously.

Visit the Dismissal Appeals website for complete information, including guidelines for writing and submitting an appeal.

Retroactive Withdrawals

  • Procedure coordinated by Student Achievement, submitted online, reviewed by the faculty Scholastic Standards Committee and the Vice Provost/Academic Vice President:
  • Students may submit a written/online request that all of their grades for a certain semester be removed (are actually changed to “W’s”) due to extenuating and traumatic circumstances.
  • Students must discuss process with a ASC/advisor and gain access to website
  • Appeal must include specific and official documentation of the traumatic/extenuating circumstances
  • No tuition/fees will be refunded
  • Note that this is a different appeal than the Registration Appeal, requesting a late course withdrawal, (for one or more courses) collected by the Registrar’s Office which must be submitted during the semester.

Review guidelines and form at the Retroactive Withdrawals webpage.

*Freshman Accelerated Fresh Start (NEW, beginning Fall 2017)

  • Freshmen (not transfers) who earn below a 1.0 GPA after their first semester will need to make a choice: return for a second semester but earn a term 2.0 GPA in order to have a second semester on probation, or take time off (1 – 3 semesters) and return with a Fresh Start and new CUM GPA.
  • This is a new policy and information has been shared across campus. However, it may confuse students or others who are much more familiar with the old policy.
  • See Admissions website or General Catalog for more information.

Standard Fresh Start

  • Requested at time of application (Admissions) for students wishing to restart their academic record (grades).
  • Students may apply for Fresh Start if two full years have elapsed since the student’s last term of enrollment as a regularly admitted student at Colorado State.
  • Students may have completed Continuing Education online, GUEST or transfer courses during this time period.
  • Students may meet with a SA advisor to review the policy and procedures, and with an advisor in the department in which they will be readmitted in order to review their education plan.
  • Grades of C- or better remain valid on transcript. Grades of D or below remain on transcript but do not count toward graduation.
  • Students apply online/Admissions and note that they are pursuing Fresh Start in their application essay.
  • Students must complete 30 additional credits upper division after receiving a FS in order to graduate.
  • See General Catalog and Admissions website for more information.

Repairing Academics

Learn about student paths to repair academics at http://catalog.colostate.edu/general-catalog/academic-standards/grading (including repeat/delete, grading, grading options, etc.).