Populations and Special Group Abbreviations


Code Meaning
ADM_KCR Admissions Flag – Key Community Recommendation
ADM_SS Admissions Flag – Student Success: Borderline for admit based on both index and responses within the holistic review
Athletes Athletes
C4E Community for Excellence: Select Awards that CSU has an obligation to provide additional resources.  Contact Miel McCarthy if additional details are needed
Connect CSU Connect Eligible (2010-2013) – now a historical flag
Daniels Scholar Daniel’s Scholar: Partnership and part of C4E, Elias Quinonez and Jenaya Zarrad
DSF Denver Scholarship Foundation: Partnership and part of C4E, Elias Quinonez and Jenaya Zarrad
DSF Candidate DSF Candidate
Eng P/F ** Engineering Pass/Fail [some date]: students is participating in Engineering Pass/Fail and was approved on [some date]
FGA First Generation Award: part of C4E, Barb Musslewhite
Gates Gates Millennium Scholars, part of C4E
Global Village Global Village Community
Health and Exercise Science /
HES Learning Community
Health and Exercise Science Learning Community
Honors Honors Students
Honors Track 2 Honors Track 2 Students: shouldn’t be any at first year orientation sessions because this is for continuing students who select into Honors later
International Student International Student
International Student – taken AE401 International Student – taken AE401: completed some ESL classes at CSU previously
INTO Academic English INTO Academic English: needs to register through INTO
INTO Pathways INTO Supplemental Orientation: students who have completed pathways and are now fully admitted to CSU

Key Academic

Key Academic Community
Key CCS Key Culture, Communication, and Sport
Key Civic Key Civic Community
Key Explore Key Explore Community
Key Health Key Health Professions 
Key Civic Key Civic Community
Non-Residential Experience Key Communities Non-Residential Key Experience
NRS Learning Community Natural Resources and Sustainability Residential Learning Community
School of the Arts School of the Arts Learning Community
Summer Admit Summer Admit
Transfer Business LC Transfer Business Learning Community
Transfer Poli Sci LC Transfer Political Science Learning Community
Veteran Active Duty Veteran Active Duty
Veteran Dependent Veteran Dependent: not a veteran themselves, but receives financial aid
Veteran Reserves Veteran Reserves
Veteran Veteran Veteran Veteran