What is Navigate?

Navigate (access link if you have access) is the Education Advisory Board’s (EAB) Student Success Management System for advisors. It is first enterprise-level software for student success in higher education. Navigate brings together students, administrators, advisors, faculty, and other staff in a collaborative network to holistically support students throughout the college journey.

Navigate link: https://csurams.campus.eab.com/

Navigate office hours – schedule to be determined for future semesters. Info will be posted here and sent to Advising Network when available.

The Navigate help center holds a collection of useful resources. It contains useful how-to guides, notes about latest updates, a community board where you can connect with people with similar questions and much more! To find the help center just log into Navigate then click the help icon (shaped like a question mark) in the top right corner of the home page and select Help Center & Support Links. See picture below

Where to find the help center

Request for Access

If you need to request access to EAB Navigate (or other advising tools such as ARIESweb comments) you can click here to request access to advising tools. If you are having trouble opening the link you can find it below:


Using the Platform


  • How to setup Navigate scheduler for Online scheduling for 2022 Orientation Remote Advising. (click to access in Teams)
  • Views of Navigate Schedulers for “New Incoming Students” and “Continuing Students”
  • Common Appointment Campaign Questions
  • Students cannot see availability/students cannot make an appointment
    There are a few reasons why this might be happening:
    • Your availability may not be set correctly. Your availability doesn’t just communicate when your available it is also used by the platform when pulling the list of advisors a student can schedule with. Be sure to read the How to set up availability link in the Using the Platform section above if you need help.
    • Your are not the students advisor. Most locations in Navigate are set up to only allow students to schedule appointment with their assigned advisor if you are not list as an advisor then the student wont be able to schedule with you.
    • Too many no-shows. Some locations are set to prevent students from scheduling an appointment if there are too many no shows within a certain period of time.
  • Why isn’t my calendar syncing?
    • Calendars will only sync Busy or Tentative times from your professional calendar. Any calendar appointment that is marked as ‘Free’ or ‘Private’ will not sync over.
  • Why are students able to schedule at times other than the half/top of the hour?
    • Navigate tries to make sure as many students can schedule within your set availability. If you have availability from 8am – 4pm and you have an appointment from 8:00 – 8:50 Navigate will allow a student to schedule at 8:50 in order to maximize how many students you can meet with.
  • How do I find my Teams personal room link to share with students?
  • Why Is Data such as student birthdates in ARIESweb different than in Navigate?

Request for Support

For assistance or a support request, please submit a help ticket through either of these options:

  • https://helpdesk.colostate.edu/ (must be logged into CSU network or VPN to access) and click “Advising Training and Development Services” request type you should see something similar to the image below: