Freshman Accelerated Fresh Start Reminder & Resources

Hello everyone,

Now that the spring semester is underway, we thought it might be helpful to send a few reminders and resources for Freshman Accelerated Fresh Start (FAFS). Please reference Probation after first term with less than 1.0GPA which is part of the Advising @ CSU website for information on FAFS. There you can access a list of questions and answers, the FAFS flowchart, policy details, how students return, FAFS Action Plan and more.

Attached is the FAFS Action Plan that students will be required to submit as part of their Intent to Return admissions application for summer 2019 Admission and forward. You can save a copy or access it through the link above. The FAFS Action Plan is aimed at helping students identify what actions they need in place for a successful return to CSU.

The action plan does require students to have the Collegiate Success Coach (Juan Rivas) within the Outreach & Support team OR the student’s ASC/Advisor to sign off on the plan before Admissions can re-admit the student. Please note: students already connected with department advising (ASC/Advisor) can work with that professional to complete the plan. Admissions, the Collaborative for Student Achievement, and the University Committee for Academic Advising agreed that students can connect with the Collegiate Success Coach for FAFS action plan support during times ASC/Advisor may be less available (e.g. Ram Orientation), or in the event the student is changing their major and unsure of which advisor to turn to for support with the plan. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the signed action plan as part of their Intent to Return application materials.

Once Admissions approves a student to return with a  FAFS, Admissions will add a note about the approved FAFS in advising comments and they will attach the action plan via briefcase, so ASCs/Advisors can also see individual student plans in Ariesweb Advising Comments. The Fresh Start is not officially processed in the system until after census (similar to when standard Fresh Starts are processed).

If you have questions, please let me know.

~ Becky

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