EAB Navigate Updates – for Fall 2021

EAB Navigate Updates

Use EAB Navigate as the primary tool for student notes and outreach, and for students to schedule appointments with advisors and support network staff.


Student Contacts and Outreach

Currently advisors and support network staff can submit notes about student contacts in ARIESweb and EAB Navigate. Additionally, advisors have been able to complete outreach to students by identifying students in various categories (i.e. non-registered, in the probation process) from an Advisee Caseload excel sheet and through Navigate. Working with different structures requires on-going maintenance to synchronize the notes between two systems, maintenance of advisee lists in two different formats, and inconsistent data reporting.


  • Between now and fall 2021 census, staff can use either ARIESweb or EAB Navigate to enter notes. At Fall Semester 2021 Census (September 8), Navigate will be the primary tool for student notes and outreach, and Aries web will no longer have the student note capability.
  • The Excel advisee lists have been discontinued during Summer 2021.
  • Navigate training will be provided for all advisors and targeted for those that currently aren’t using the system to use notes and outreach capability during the transition period.

Student Scheduler Enhancements

To encourage early adoption of the student scheduler functionality, we worked with departments to uniquely configure the process for students to schedule appointments in Navigate. This included developing a multitude of reasons for the appointment that determine many ways to report data (i.e.  meeting reason, date/time of appointment, etc.). Consequently, the data collection is inconsistent and varies, and it is difficult to manage centrally. Additionally, with the current setup, the process for students to schedule an appointment with their advisor is challenging since they need to sift through multiple reason codes and information to find their advisor.


  • By fall 2021, create functionality through reorganization of reason codes and locations that make it easier for students to find appropriate ASC/Advisor/Support Network staff and provides a consistent student experience across campus.
  • Training will be provided for staff to sync their calendar and reset the new functionality.
  • Improve university-wide data collection and tracking on usage


Support Resources

For assistance or request for training please submit a help ticket through either of these options:

Navigate Training Self Help Resources:

EAB Navigate resources on Advising website

Advising Technology User Guide

Onboarding of New members of the Advising Network:

·         Gain Access to (Aries, MS TEAMS Advising Network, Advising Listserv and Navigate) or to create a new Navigate Location: Submit Ticket or visit the Advisor Onboarding page for more info. 


EAB Navigate Resources

·         Create an EAB.com login



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