Forest & Rangeland Stewardship

Advisors and Services

Megan Mardesen and Tiara Marshall serve as undergraduate advisors for all FRS major and minor students.  Students are required to meet with their assigned advisor at least once per semester.  These meetings can include semester planning, professional development opportunities, career or academic goal setting, University policy review and clarification, etc.

Making Appointments

All appointments are made online by visiting the FRS Advising webpage.

Once an appointment is made, the student will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Students will receive an e-mail reminder 24 hours in advance of the meeting, and it is good practice to create are reminder/event in a mobile device to serve as another reminder.

Students will sign in using a computer kiosk when they arrive for their scheduled appointment.  Once signed in, an advisor will come out and greet the student.

Drop-in or Phone-in Hours

Drop-in hours vary each semester and students should visit the FRS Advising page for information.  Please note that drop-in advising is not for major/minor declaration.

Acceptable drop-in advising matters include, but are not limited to:
-needing a signature
-clarification on semester schedule
-review graduation plan
-review CSU or department policy

Change of Major process

Students wishing to explore and/or declare a major or minor offered by the Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department can schedule a Change of Major appointment with an advisor following these guidelines:
Students with last name A – M should schedule an appointment with Megan Mardesen;
Students with last name N – Z should schedule an appointment with Tiara Marshall

It is important to review required curriculum before meeting with an advisor.  Students are also encouraged to visit a number of sites to explore job/career opportunities related to the field.  Sites include:
Warner College Career Services
Society of American Foresters
Society for Range Management
Society for Ecological Restoration

Contact Information

Megan Mardesen (she/her/hers)
-last names A – M
First Generation college student
122 Forestry
Click here to make an appointment with Megan

Tiara Marshall (she/her/hers)
-last names N – Z
First Generation college student
124 Forestry
Click here to make an appointment with Tiara

You’ll become a 21st century steward in an academic and professional community as dynamic as the natural resources under our care. We tap into STEM fields to further apply our understanding and expertise in forest and rangeland landscapes. 

The Department oversees three majors, and five minors.

Forest and Rangeland Stewardship (*students much choose at least one concentration)
-Forest Management
-Forest Biology
-Forest Fire Science
-Rangeland Conservation and Magement
-Rangeland and Forest Management
Natural Resources Management
Restoration Ecology

Ecological Restoration
Interdisciplinary Conservation Biology
Range Ecology
Spatial Information Management