College of Liberal Arts

Advisors and Services

The College of Liberal Arts Academic Support Center serves students for the following majors: Anthropology, Art, Communication Studies, Dance, Economics, English, Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts, International Studies, Journalism, Languages, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Theater, and Woman and Gender Studies.

CLAASC does not adviser any minors. Please view the University catalog to find the contact information for the minor you are interested in. 

Frequently asked questions may be answered on our website:

Making Appointments

All appointments are made by calling 970-491-3117 or stopping by Clark C207.

Change of Major process

All majors are declared through appointments. Please contact us over the phone or in person to make an appointment.


Contact Information

College of Liberal Arts Academic Support Center
Main Office: Clark C207
Phone: 970-491-3117