Communication Calendars / Strategies

Calendars and communication strategies are based around the academic term.


Week 1: what all your advisees should know.  Start Strong messaging.

Week 4: Taking Stock has started – checkin with students about study habits and adjustment to CSU.

Week 6-8: Early Performance Feedback mid term progress check up.  Exploring options and paths.

week 10: registration reminders

week 12: finish strong

week 16: End of term reminders


Between semesters:  Outreach

  • Precipitous grade change from between terms, for instance: “SM18-had 1.3 term gpa shift from FA17 to SP18” will be listed here for any student with a shift of 1.3 or higher
  • Non-Registered student outreach for students who should be continuing at CSU for next term but haven’t registered yet
  • Planned Leave non returners – if the student was on Planned Leave and should be (but hasn’t) registered for the following semester
  • Academic Standing for outreach to students on Academic Probation 1 or 2

“P1” here means the student is on Academic Probation 1;  “P2” here means the student is on Academic Probation 2;  and “GS” here means the student is in Good Standing – “PX” indicates the student had less than a 1.0 GPA their first term at CSU