Low Investment


Every outreach style has its pros and cons. A low investment outreach approach is a great approach under the right circumstances.


    • Pros: can be done very quickly and last minute, requires little advanced planning, can address large student populations in one fellow sweep, can be utilized by any faculty or staff member, even your newest colleagues who haven’t been fully on-boarded, no special costs associated, practically free!


    • Cons: surface-level outreach, may seem generic from the student perspective, heavily dependent on referrals to other campus resources, few follow-up opportunities, puts a great amount of responsibility on student to follow through


This style of outreach is most often accomplished via email. A quick and easy mode of communication that lets you share important information with a whole of students instantaneously.

Ready to do some outreach? That’s great! Even one email can make a big difference in a student who thinks they have to face their situation alone. The seed you plant today has the potential to grow into a very big tree. So never hesitate to send a supportive email.

And to make it even easier for you, simply click the link below for a downloadable PDF template. Use this anytime you need to reach out to an academically struggling student, where you don’t quite know yet what’s actually going on.



Struggling Student Email Outreach Template 7_30_19