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TILT Tutoring and Learning Programs Schedule FA19

Hello All,   Thank you for your support in getting information to our students about TILT Tutoring! Attached is Fall 2019 schedule. It is still possible for a few changes here and there, so I encourage students to look at our website for the most up-to-date information, including information about the tutors.   I… Read more »

Computer Science Change of Major FA19

Attached is the schedule for COM appointments in the Computer Science Department.   If you are working with students interested in changing to, or exploring, the computer science or applied computing technology majors, or adding a computer science major, direct them to schedule an appointment with a CS advisor.   Students may sign up by… Read more »

Design and Merchandising Workshops fall 2019

Hello, advisors and department contacts.   This Fall, the Department of Design and Merchandising will be holding major change workshops for students who would like to change into Apparel and Merchandising (includes concentrations in apparel design and production, merchandising, and product development), Pre-Interior Architecture and Design, or the merchandising minor. Below, you will find a… Read more »

Education Abroad and Passport Scholarship Info – Fall 2019

To CSU Academic Advisors/Academic Success Coordinators,   Please help us to spread the word about these Fall 2019 education abroad important dates, events and information sessions.  All events and information sessions will also be listed on the web calendar.   Please check online for updates on program specific information sessions that will take place throughout… Read more »

Advising Training and Professional Development Fall 2019

Hello Academic Success Coordinator (ASC) and Advisor Network (A.K.A “The Network”)   I hope this email finds you well. The brand new “Advising Training and Professional Development Unit” would like to update you about a few items concerning contacts and resources due to new and vacant positions. Please refer to the document “Fall 2019 Updates… Read more »

Biology Dept COM process FA19

Hello! Bio_COM_Flyer_Fall 2019 Attached is the schedule for COM sessions in the Biology Department. The sign-up for students is now live as well at   If you are working with students interested in changing to, or exploring, the biology or zoology majors we ask that you first direct them to sign up for a… Read more »

Summer Outreach 2019

Hello everyone,   I hope that things have slowed down a bit for you now that summer has begun. I am writing with information you will need to conduct summer outreach to Non-Registered, Planned Leave, Precipitous Grade Change, and Probation Students. We recognize that Ram Orientation keeps everyone quite busy during the summer months but we… Read more »

Summer 2019 Add/Drop Periods

Summer schedule change periods differ significantly from the fall and spring semesters. Summer add/drop and withdrawal periods equal the same percentage of time as in the spring and fall semesters, thus the deadlines arrive quickly with the shorter terms of summer. Each term within Summer Session has its own schedule change and withdrawal period. Courses… Read more »

Summer Advising Tips 2019

A new version of Summer Advising Tips has been posted! Summer Session Advising Tip Sheet 2019 updated 4.5.19 SM19 Course Adds After January SM19 Policies and Procedures REVISIONS APRIL 9, 2019 Dear Colleagues:   I have three quick updates to share regarding Summer Session:   The Office of Financial Aid and the Summer Session Office… Read more »

Ram Orientation Summer 2019

Hi, Orientation Advisors!   I want to share some general information to help with your planning for advising at Ram Orientation this summer. Look for a separate email to follow that will help determine space, set up and logistics.  This is a lengthy e-mail to ensure that you have as much detail as possible in… Read more »

Credit Recovery SP19

CSU will be offering eleven Credit Recovery Courses later this spring (see attached listing). These are AUCC courses that begin mid-semester. As you know, the purpose behind offering these courses mid-semester is to provide course add/credit recovery options for students who may need to drop and add a course later in the semester. They are… Read more »