Advising Student Athletes

Requirement Considerations for Student Athletes:

  • They must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits at all times in order to practice and compete.
  • They need to successfully complete 24 new credits toward their major per evaluation year—August to August. Eighteen of these 24 credits must be completed during the regular academic year (Fall or Spring semester), with 6 credits counting during the summer.
  • They must complete at least 6 credits toward their major each semester.
  • They must declare a major no later than the start of their fifth semester of enrollment.  Open option programs, pre-programs or interdisciplinary studies are not considered majors and they may not stay in them past their fourth semester.
  • They must complete 40% of the course requirements in their specified degree program by the beginning of their 3rd year, 60% by the beginning of their 4th year and 80% by the beginning of their 5th year.
  • By NCAA standards, athletes maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 1.8 for the second year; 1.9 for start of third year; 2.0 for any subsequent years.  Falling below a 2.0 GPA for more than two semesters will result in dismissal from the University.
  • They must have various time commitments in regard to class, homework, study hall, practice, competition and travel.
  • They must develop a long-range plan for subsequent semesters; this will allow scheduling of courses depending on sport season.
  • Encourage student to use the CSU Success Folder for all registration and major materials, and to bring it with them to each advising session.

Tips for Advising Student Athletes:

  • Assist the student in identifying the qualities in the sport experience that will apply to their major and career choice.
  • It is best to discuss summer school courses prior to fall registration. However, fall registration planning can be a good time to discuss possible summer school courses if the conversation has not been had prior.
  • Advisors must review and sign-off on student NCAA eligibility requirements each semester. DARS (Degree Audit Report System) contains up-to-date information about how the requirements are being met throughout the student's undergraduate career.

Key Questions to ask your Student Athletes:

  • Who is your Athletic Academic Coordinator and how closely do you work with them?
  • What time do you have to be at the practice facility each day, and what time are you finished?
  • What other daily time commitments do you have?
  • Are you planning to take any summer school? If so, where?
  • Do you know what courses will transfer?
  • Which semester will be more demanding on your time?
  • Tell me what you do in a typical day during the competitive season.
  • What types of skills are you developing by participating in athletics and how do they apply to this major?


The Colorado State Student-Athlete Handbook

Athletic Academic Services

If there are any questions regarding a student's eligibility, they should speak with their Athletic Academic Coordinator, the Compliance Director, or their Head Coach.