Recording Advisor Comments in ARIESweb

Short Video of Aries Comment Tool

Commenting with ARIESweb

Recording comments for future reference is easy. Click on the image above for a short video tour of the ARIESweb Comment Tool.

Possible Topics to Include in ARIESweb Advisor Comments

  • Suggested courses
  • Plan of action
  • Referrals to other offices or departments
  • Grade point calculations
  • Personal facts/interests

Possible Format for ARIESweb Advisor Comments

  • Description of the situation
  • Factors involved
  • Plan of action

Confidentiality Protocol

The confidentiality of this tool is ultimately determined by how the information is used by the individual.

All faculty and staff with access to advisor comments must sign a confidentiality statement explaining user responsibilities.

Legal Considerations

Realize the student has access to advisor comments.

Write comments in a factual format rather than an editorial format.

For example: Jane chose not to take a course that was recommended. (Factual)

Rather than: Jane was stubborn and would not take the right course. (Editorial)

Do not include personal information the student may not want shared with other university staff.

Advisors should report any safety concerns about students directly to the CSU Student Consultation Team as well as enter related objective comments regarding these students along with any individual counseling referrals made, into the ARIESweb advisor comments record.