RamMail Procedures

How to Retrieve your AdviseesARIESweb Excel Worksheet

  1. Login to RamPoint and select the ARIESweb tab.
  2. Click on "Advisee List" under Advisor Tools menu on left of screen.
  3. You will have a list of your advisees in front of you (make sure that it is your name in the "View List:" drop down box. At the top left of the list, you should see a link that says "Download Excel Spreadsheet" above the list of your advisees. Click the link and when prompted, select to open the document using Excel instead of saving it. This will open up the Excel spreadsheet with your advisees on it.

How to Transfer PIDs from Excel to Notepad to use in RamSelect

  1. Open the Excel document with the requested PIDs.
  2. Sort your advisees by clicking inside the field that you want to sort (i.e. Major or Major Description) and pressing the "Sort Ascending" button. This will sort the records alphabetically by your selection criteria (major).
  3. Once the Document is sorted, highlight the necessary PIDs using the "Click-and-Drag" method. Once all of your PIDs are highlighted, copy these by either:
    a) pressing the "ctrl" key with the "c" key

    — or —

    b) right clicking the highlighted area and selecting "copy" from the shortcut, pop-up window.
  4. Open Notepad (found by pressing the "Start" button, then selecting "All Programs," "Accessories," then Notepad) and paste the copied material in to the document, either by:
    a) pressing the "ctrl" and "v" keys at the same time (make sure the notepad document is active)

    — or —

    b) right click anywhere within Notepad and select the "paste" option from the pop up menu.

  5. If there is any text or if hyphens exist in the PIDs, they must be taken out. The way to remove hyphens easily would be to select "Replace" from the "Edit" menu (on the Menu Bar located at the top of the screen). In the "Find" command, enter a hyphen ("-"). Leave the "Replace" command blank. Press the "Replace All" button, and all hyphen should be taken out of the Notepad document.
  6. Save the document in a location (i.e. the desktop or U: Drive) that you will remember with an acceptable name.

How to send email with RamSelect using a Notepad Document (with PIDs included)

  1. Log in to RamPoint with your eID and ePassword.
  2. Select the ARIESweb tab and then click on "RamSelect" under the General Tools menu.
  3. Scroll down to the area that reads "Load a population from a saved CSU ID text file."
  4. Click the "Browse" button and select the appropriate file (just as if you were going to open it in Word).  This is the Notepad file you saved earlier (see above). Once selected, press the "Load" button next to the "Browse" button.
  5. The screen should now say how many PIDs were found in the file (make sure this number is greater than 0).
  6. Click the "Send Email" button to proceed to writing the email.
  7. Include a subject for the email and any carbon copy addresses you might want to include (like you team's coordinator). Either create a message or paste a previously copied message into the big text box labeled "Email Body:"  Press the "Preview" button to continue.
  8. Look over and proofread the message to make sure it says what you want. Pressing the "Edit Message" button will take you back to the previous screen so that you can make corrections. If everything looks acceptable, press the "Send" button to send the message. You should get a confirmation screen after the message has been sent, saying how many messages you sent and how many more you can send that day.