Week  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
1 wk January 17 
University Holiday- Campus Closed 
18 First Day of Classes 19 20  Lunch and Learn (12-12:45) 21 Restricted Drop Deadline 
2 wk 24  
Add with Override

Navigate Training Series: Getting Set Up, Managing Schedule, PAL, and Availability 
25 26 27  Lunch and Learn (12-12:45) 28 
3 wk31February 1  
Town Hall 1-2pm 
Add/Drop Deadline (CENSUS) 
Lunch and Learn: Summer Session: A contributor to Student Success:  (12-12:45) 
4 wk
Navigate Training Series: Communicating with Students 
9  10  
Lunch and Learn (12-12:45) 
Deadline for first four weeks meeting 
5 wk14 15
Advising Summit (10 – 4pm)
Advising Summit (10 – 4pm)
Advising Summit (10 – 4pm)
6 wk21  22
Town Hall (3-4PM)  
23  24
  Lunch and Learn (12-12:45) 
25 Mid-semester course Registration begins  
7 wk28
Navigate Training Series:  Troubleshooting Issues & Submitting Requests to Idea Portal 
March 1
CSU Scholarship Application deadline. 
Support International  undergraduate students’ language skills: EAP 102 Course
 Lunch and Learn (12-12:45) 
8 wk 7
 Navigate Training Series: Preparing for and Documenting Student Interactions and Notes 
8  9
Network Meeting (10-12pm)  
 Lunch and Learn (12-12:45) 
 14 Spring Break 15 Spring Break 16 Spring Break 17 Spring Break 18 Spring Break 
9 wk 21
Classes Resume  Course Withdrawal and  Repeat/Delete Deadline

 Mid-semester courses begin   
Registration opens for Summer 2022 classes 
23  24  
Lunch and Learn (12-12:45) 
10 wk28
 Navigate Training Series: Launching and Managing Campaigns 
Town Hall (11-12pm) 
30 31 
Lunch and Learn (12-12:45) 
Supporting Basic Needs
11 wk 5
Senior registration begins for Fall 2022 
6  7  
Lunch and Learn (12-12:45)  
Junior registration begins for Fall 2022 
12 wk  11 
 Navigate Training Series: Identifying Specific Student Populations and Advanced Search Tool 
Town Hall
Guest Presenter:
Pandemic Preparedness Team: Marc Barker and Lori Lynn,
Orientation Training (for new advisors) 2-4pm

Orientation Training (new advisors) 1-3pm   

Lunch and Learn (12-12:45)  
Sophomore registration begins for Fall 2022 
13 wk18  19  20  21
Network Meeting: Summer Kickoff meeting 1-3PM  
Lunch and Learn (12-12:45)  
Freshman registration begins for Fall 2022 
14 wk 25 
Navigate Training Series: Tracking Intervention Impact 
Tour of the Rams Against Hunger Food Pantry (12-1PM),
General Services Building, 1251 S. Mason St. (enter on east side of building)
27 28
Lunch and Learn (12-12:45)   
15 wk May 2  3  4  
Lunch and Learn (12-12:45)  
Last Day of Classes University Withdrawal  
16 wk 9
Final Exams 
Navigate Training Series: Identifying and Flagging At-Risk Students 
10 Final Exams
Network Meeting: Recognition and Semester Reflection 
11 Final Exams 12 Final Exams 13 Final Exams 

The links in the calendar will take you to the meetings

Meeting TitleMeeting IntentionFormatExpected Participation
Network MeetingsEnsure Group Cohesion of advising Network Drive execution of Student Success Practices. Learning: gain insightGenerate recommendations for change Examples: The end-of- of the year recognition & semester reflectionOrientation kickoff  Cadence:  2 hours meeting virtual 3 times a semester.   Small group activities to promote the following Team buildingInnovation Meeting Working SessionsSolution Brainstorming       Know participants.Collaborate engagement Relationship quality important. Regularized.   Acceptable absence: Leave.Teaching.Student Crisis.      
Town HallsTo share information that inspires (or prevents) action Formal name broadcasts meetings Example: The all-hands meeting Webinars Information SharingStatus Update    1-hour Virtual meeting. Ever three weeks.    Led by Advising Central staff Unit.Little to no participation expected.Relationship quality unimportant.Presentation optionally followed by Q&A.  
Network RetreatAlignment of Values and practice Create plans Secure commitment to implementing the plans Examples: Strategic Planning Advising Student Success Plan Big picture planningKick off meeting for the Academic Year Once a year  Led by Advising Central staff Unit. full participation and attendance of Advising Network.Participants assembled to fit need.Collaborative engagementRelationship quality less important.Structure varies by team and topics.
Foundation and Development Summit
To Transfer knowledge and skills Examples: New Hire Training Skill Building Workshopping  Training session formats vary widely.   3 days between the hours of 10-4pm both fall and spring.    Sessions algin with Professional Advancement Model.
Click here for Advising Foundation and Development Summit program
Led by the trainer. Participants may be there by choice, or they may be required to attend training by their employer. Relationship quality unimportant.These are pure transfers of information from one group to the next. The session involves the trainer telling participants what they believe they need to learn in the context of their Advising role.
Professional Development OpportunitiesCommunity Of Practice Gatherings Intention Topic-focused exchange of ideas Relationship development Examples: Lunch-n-Learns Navigate Training SeriesPeriodically throughout the semester. 45 minute-hour sessions for
ongoing development and technical training.
Led by an organizer.Participants volunteer based on interest.Conversational and passive engagement.Format varies by topic and group.These meetings are part social, part content, and the style is either relaxed or structured.