Advising for Resiliency and Growth Mindset

All people fail. For many, their first significant failures occur while in college. As advisors working with the whole student, here are some initiatives in place at CSU to help provide warnings and safety nets.

  1. YOU – the academic advisor are key to helping alert students to how they are progressing, but more importantly, as the “guide on the side”, you will help empower students to gauge their own progress.
  2. First Four Weeks: The first four weeks of a freshmen class not only have an impact on students’ final grades but on students’ overall retention and graduation rate. Faculty can make small changes to instruction during the first four weeks that can have major impact on students’ academic lives.  There is a faculty initiative led by Stephanie Clemons in partnership with TILT to provide critical components in many courses during the first four weeks.
  3. Taking Stock: for new first time students and transfer students, a 10 minute survey where the student reflects on their progress. Their responses serve as a starting point for a critical conversation with a peer who is either a Resident Assistant, Transfer Transition Leader, or Off Campus Life staff member.
  4. Rams Fail Forward: The campaign is part of the CSU’s Resiliency and Well-Being strategic efforts to support student success. The purpose of the campaign is to help break the stigma associated with failure, to support growth as we face life’s inevitable struggles and to help members of our community who are trying to recover from a setback or failure.
  5. Early Performance Feedback: instructors in select courses provide a Y or N for ‘Meeting Expectations’ in this course. Students are sent a text message and email if they are not meeting expectations, yet. Students are encouraged to attend U-Turn.
  6. You@CSU: a portal for students to explore a variety of mental, physical, and social health topics. Also, goal planning!

This is the tip of the iceberg. To add to this list, please email