Purpose of Advising@CSU

This site is a handy, “At-Your-Fingertips” collection of resources and tools designed to assist faculty, academic support coordinators, and other professional advisors who are charged with helping undergraduate students plan and monitor their academic progress.

Along with general, introductory “foundations of advising” information, advisors will find a wide variety of professional resources, “best-practice” guides, and ARIES tutorials.  Most of the information is visible to anyone on campus. Some information is specific to an academic term, or event, and requires additional training, so portions of this site are advisor-only.

Advising Training and Development Unit

The Advising Training and Development Unit provides services and resources targeted to members of the Advising Network in these areas: communication, development, Navigate, and onboarding/offboarding. Our mission is to provide opportunities for members of the Advising Network to develop and enhance skills to support and guide students towards graduation.