Updates to YOU@CSU


I hope everyone’s semester is off to a great start. I wanted to quickly update you (or introduce you, if this is new to you) about some upgrades to YOU@CSU – the online student success tool helping students to Thrive, Succeed and Matter.


This interactive, student facing website is almost 2 years old and has enjoyed over 35,000 site visits. The tool underwent a complete re-design a year ago and now there are new and exciting eimprovements to share:


  • YOU@CSU is now a part of the University’s single sign-on system meaning that you and of course our students can create an account and log-in using your eID.
  • To increase visibility and ease of access, students can now access their account directly from a prominent link in RAMweb. So no one has to remember a URL or a pesky password any longer.
  • Despite this new integration, YOU accounts are still completely anonymous and detached from a user’s name or official university records.
  • Now there is a crisis button on every page helping to link students in crisis with on-campus and community resources. This is a strong message and reminder to students that help is available.


Innovations to the site over the past two years have helped get students to the meaningful content faster through a redesigned interface, predictive search and streamlined content categories. Of course, we encourage users to complete their profiles and update Reality Checks to help the sophisticated algorithm customize the content and help connect students to meaningful tips, tools and resources.


With over 400 content cards and 200 CSU-specific resource cards there is something for everyone. Content is being added regularly to be sure that all of our students find the tool to be helpful and relevant to their college experience.


If you haven’t visited YOU in a while, I’d encourage you to check it out. And of course – help spread the word to our students about this valuable resource. Visit you.colostate.edu and log in with your eID today!

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